Connecting Sheffield consultation: Nether Edge

By Howard Fry

Afternoon All,
I don’t know if you’ve looked at the Connecting Sheffield website yet. Their proposals seem vague and poorly thought through, but I think it might be better to speak to them rather than just to ignore them. They are obviously connected somehow to the council and it would appear that central government are lobbing cash at such initiatives, so I it might be worthwhile to try to influence them towards more sensible ideas.
They are holding an on-line workshop between 6pm – 8pm on Tuesday 7th September. see details below, which is obviously under-subscribed. Does anyone want to join me?
If you check their website, you will see suggestions for obstructing traffic flows to the estate of Victorian roads east of Union Road with what looks like a pile of timber pallets and bollards, without too much regard to the conservation character of the area or its topography. By coincidence, this is the very area where History Group have planned their next walk. Excessive traffic is undoubtedly a problem in this area, but I suspect the roads are too narrow for such a scheme to be effective. Might it be better to suggest a one-way system along the very dangerous stretch of Brincliffe Edge Road from Archer Lane to Union Road?
The cycle routes into town are equally unconvincing, as they seem to have cherry-picked easy sections of the route, without considering more dangerous sections, such as Montgomery Road, where there are cars parked on both sides and cycle lanes wouldn’t really work. Might it not have been more sensible to encourage cycling on different, less busy roads leading to the city centre and focus spending on those?
If you fancy participating in the on-line workshop, please contact Rachel at the address below
Best wishes, Howard